Sports Therapy

What is sports therapy?

Sports therapy is a fast emerging profession that usually involves working with sport and exercise participants to treat and prevent injuries.

A sports therapist will usually work within the sporting industry, either as part of a sports team or privately in a clinic. A sports therapist will help prevent, diagnose, manage and treat injuries. Should an injury occur, a sports therapist will rehabilitate the individual through sport and injury specific exercises until back to full fitness. This consists of ensuring the individual is ready to return to training and then ready to return to competition. For some, the priority may be to return to work.

The sports therapist can:

  • Assess, diagnose, treat and manage injuries
  • Utilise a range of exercise principles to enhance functional and sporting performance
  • Administer sports massage as treatment and for pre and post exercise

If you have a problem or an injury that is causing you pain or discomfort, whether you participate in sport at a high level, recreationally or not at all, get in contact with Charlie Thompson Sports Therapy to arrange an appointment.

Check out this professional video made by the University of Essex which explains what studying Sports Therapy is like, and what Sports Therapy is. It features myself in my brand new studio and other Sports Therapy graduates.